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Arihant Gk 2013 Manohar Pandey Pdf Viewer

From India to Italy About this Item: Arihant, 2013. Condition: New. First edition. Key Features? The book is categorized in six sections? History, Geography, Indian Polity, Indian Economy, General Science and General Knowledge.?

Arihant Gk 2013 Manohar Pandey Pdf Viewer

Detailed theory is given under the chapters of each section.??Notes? Are given under the highlighted box to make you revise the important points.

Table of Contents? Indian History and Culture? The Pre-Harappan and Harappan Phase? The Vedic Era? Mauryan and Post Mauryan Period? Gupta and Post Gupta Period? Early Medieval India?

The Delhi Sultanate/Provincial Kingdoms/ Religious Movements? The Mughal Empire/The Marathas/The Sikhs? Advent of Europeans in India? The Company Rule: Governor Generals and GOI Acts/Economic Impact of British Rule? Socio-Religious and Cultural Reforms? Early Uprising and Revolt of 1857/Crown?s Rule?

Arihant Gk 2013 Manohar Pandey Pdf Viewer

Indian National Movement? Indian National Movement? Revolutional Trends in India and Indian National Army? Quit India Movement, Partition and Independence? World History?

Thanks for A2A. Yes, it is a decent book. However know that G.K can't be done from once source, but multiple sources. Check websites, read magazines and of course books. Also google through random topics as these books contain errors.

World Geography? The Earth and The Universe? Physiography and Locations of the World?

Drainage System? Climate of The World? Natural Vegetation, Environment, Wildlife? Ocean/Ocean Currents? Agriculture and Minerals? World Population (Distribution, Density and Growth)?

Indian Geography? India: Size and Location? Physiography of India?

Natural Vegetation and Wild-life Tribes? Land and Agricultural Resources? Transport and Communication of India? Manufacturing Industries? Mineral and Energy Resources?

Indian Polity? History and Evolution of the Constitution? Preamble and Sources of the Constitution? Citizenship, Fundamental Rights, Fundamental?

Duties and Directive Principles of State Policy? The Union Executive? The Union Legislature?

Teori Kepribadian Mulia Pdf Reader. The Judiciary? The State Executive and the State Legislature? Relations Between Union and states?

Services, Constitutional Commissions and CAG? Panchayats and Municipalities? Local Self Government/e-Governance? Articles, Amendments, Emergency and?

Miscellaneous Facts? Indian Economy? Nature Structure and Characteristics? Industries, Trade and Commerce and Foreign Trade? Indian Fiscal System?

Banking Inflation? Poverty, Unemployment and Poverty Allevation Programmes? Human Development Index, Organisations and Economics Terminology? General Science? Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Biotechnology? Computer and Information Technology? General Knowledge?

Institutes & Organisations? Defence and Communications?

Date/Days and Abbreviations? Awards/Prizes and Books? Latest Current Question Bank Printed Pages: 757.

Seller Inventory # 62884 5. From India to Italy About this Item: Arihant 0.

Condition: New. TABLE OF CONTENTS India n History and Culture 1. The Pre Harappan and Harappan Phase 2. The Vedic Era 3.

Mauryan and Post Mauryan Period 4. Gupta and Post G upta Period 5. Early Medieval India & The Delhi Sultanate/Provincial Kingdoms / Re ligious Movements 7. The Mughal Empire/The Marathas/The Sikhs 8. Advent of Europeans in India 9.

The Com cany Rule:Govemor Generals and Cal Acts/Economic Impact of British Rule 10. Socio-Religious andCultural Reforms 11. Early Uprising and Revolt of 1857/Crown`s Rule 12. Indian National Movement 13. Indian National Movement 14. Revolutional Trends in India and Indian National Army 15.

Quit India Move ment. Part ition and I ndepende nce 16. World History At and Culture World Geography 1. The Earth and The Universe 2. Physiogra phy and Locations of the World 3.

Drainage System 4. Climate of TheWortd S. NaturalVegetation.Environment.Wildlife 6. Ocean/Ocean Currents 7.

Agriculture and Minerals 8. World Population (Distribution. De raity and Growth) 9. Miscellaneous Indian Geography 10.

India:Size and Location 11. Physiogra phy of India 12. Natu ral Vegetation and Wild-life Tribes 15. LandandAgricultural Resources 16. Transport and Communication of India 17. Manufacturing Industries 18.

Mineral and Energy Resources 19. Miscellaneous 20. Environment & Ecology Printed Pages: 582. Seller Inventory # 73548 6. From India to Italy About this Item: Pearson Education 0.

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