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Crack Geneious 8

First, thank you for bothering to open this thread! I am looking for software that somewhat matches the features of geneious.

Mostly I am looking for something that you can easily edit the chromatograms itself, rather than having to move between the chromatogram and the actual sequence; as well as the ability to align forward and reverse sequences for comparison with a reference sequence. Plus it would be great if it were user-friendly (I was able to master geneious in like a day, granted it was a 9 hour day, but still a day). I have been messing around with MEGA7 + Serial Cloner; but it's annoying having to switch between programs to accomplish what I want (mostly MEGA7 isn't as user friendly as I had hoped and I have been still trying to figure out all the features). Also, I cannot afford to buy this program on my own. My lab is very underfunded, so I would feel bad asking for software of this nature!

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