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Sarah Blasko The Overture To Don

Contents • • • • • • • Background [ ] 'Essentially I wanted there to be something really classic about the album', says Blasko on her official website. 'The kind of debut albums I like are those that don't try and do too much too soon, that point towards a number of possible directions, and that give the songs some room to move. It was really important to me that my voice and the songs had some character and that there was an intimacy to them.

We tried to achieve this by using little or no effect on the voice and not going too far with overdubs.' Music director rated it ninth on his list of favourite 2004 albums. In 2011, he named it the 10th Greatest Australian Album Of All Time. The album features former and drummer Joey Waronker, who took a few days off working on 's album with producer to lay down his drum tracks for The Overture & the Underscore.

Reception [ ] Professional ratings Review scores Source Rating [ ] [ ] The album peaked at Number 35 on the. Track list [ ] • 'All Coming Back' – 3:15 • 'Beautiful Secrets' – 3:24 • 'Always Worth It' – 3:46 • 'At Your Best' – 3:36 • ' – 4:19 • 'Counting Sheep' – 4:21 • 'Perfect Now' – 3:33 • 'Sweet November' – 3:55 • 'Cinders' – 4:09 • 'True Intentions' – 4:11 • 'Remorse' – 5:31 [Includes the hidden track 'Long Time' – 5:07] • All songs written by Sarah Blasko and. Singles [ ] ' was released as a CD single containing two unique B-sides ('Fall Down' and ') on September 27, 2004.

Sarah Blasko The Overture To DonSarah Blasko The Overture To Don

1, All Coming Back. 2, Beautiful Secrets. Effects [Ambient Sounds] – Edo Khan, Nadav Khan. 3, Always Worth It. Backing Vocals [Additional] – Darren Hanlon. 4, At Your Best. Nishi Iori Keygen No Machining. Horns – Korel Tunador. 5, Don't U Eva. 6, Counting Sheep. 7, Perfect Now. 8, Sweet November. 10, True Intentions. At Your Best Lyricist:Sarah Blasko, Robert Cranny It's you against the world, I don't think so They wouldn't stand a chance now girl And even when your back'.

The following tracks have been released as radio singles: • 'Counting Sheep' • 'Perfect Now' • 'Always Worth It' Studio crew [ ] • - Drums and percussion • - Bass, drum programming, horn & string sample arrangements, guitars, organ, piano, synth • Sarah Blasko - Vocals, guitars, synth, percussion • Other musical contributors included Wally Gagel, Nadav & Edo Khan, Darren Hanlon, Bruce MacFarlane and Korel Tunador. • All tracks recorded & mixed by Wally Gagel, and mastered by Louis Teran, except 'Long Time', recorded by Bruce MacFarlane. References [ ].

Put together and and strip them of such deliciously straightforward lyrics as 's 'Your love is better than ice cream,' and what you get is bound to resemble on: an entrancing artist who sings exceptionally well but is bent on making you guess what brews within her heart rather than pouring it out to you. 'Disconnected things, you exist within a kind of truth/And the consequence is a consummated trial of fire,' she sings on 'Always Worth It,' a smart, moody slice of pure pop that's typical of the 11 songs gathered on this debut. Where most pop grabs hold instantaneously, though, 's brand, punctuated by gentle synth, guitar, and piano melodies, takes its time sinking in. The result is a disc more like barrel-aged wine than fast-melting ice cream. Maneesh De Moor Rapidshare Premium there. But that's not to say some of the lyrics, like 'Between love we make divide/Confusion translates what you can't explain,' from 'True Intentions,' won't give you brain freeze.