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Service Tool Version 3400 Engine

Paralleling Genset Controllers for Diverse Applications Door Mounted Models Back Panel Mounted Models Woodward's easYgen-3000â„¢ Series paralleling genset controllers provide exceptional versatility and value for OEM switchgear builders, generator packagers, and system integrators. The easYgen-3000 combines complete engine-generator control and protection with advanced, peer-to-peer paralleling functionality and innovative features in a robust, attractive and user-friendly package. Its integrated LogicsManagerâ„¢ programmable logic functionality provides outstanding application flexibility and can often eliminate the need for additional PLC control, yet can easily integrate with SCADA or PLC-based control systems where desired. The easYgen-3000 gives you the advantage of standardizing on a single, affordable genset controller for many different distributed power generation applications--from stand-alone emergency backup power to parallel load sharing of up to 32 gensets in complex, segmented distribution systems with multiple utility feeds and tie breakers. The easYgen-3000 Series controllers are available in several models and packages. EasYgen-3100-P1, easYgen-3200-P1: the Package 1 'Standard' models, for isolated operation of a single genset or load sharing of up to 32 gensets in islanded and/or parallel operation with a single utility. EasYgen-3100-P2, easYgen-3200-P2: the Package 2 'Cogeneration' models include all the features of the easYgen-3100/3200-P1 versions with additional analog I/O expansion capability for gas engine cylinder temperature monitoring and protection, plus three tunable P.I.D.'

Serial Actress Durga. Canon Service Tool v3400.

S that can be applied to analog outputs for controlling process valves, etc. EasYgen-3400-P1, easYgen-3500-P1: the Package 1 'Complex System' models include all the features of the easYgen-3100/3200-P2 versions, along with a dedicated CANopen network for connectivity to up to 16, allowing control of complex distribution systems having multiple utility feeds and tie breakers, and parallel load sharing of up to 32 generators on up to 32 different bus segments. EasYgen-3400-P1 Marine, easYgen-3500-P1 Marine: all the features of the easYgen-3400/3500-P1 versions (including connectivity to LS-5 Marine) with additional Det Norske Veritas (DNV), German Lloyds (GL), and Bureau Veritas (BV) marine approvals (as well as ABS and LR). EasYgen-3400/3500-P1 Rental: all the features of the easYgen-3400/3500-P1 version (including connectivity to LS-5's) with additional features for the rental genset market, including 4 switchable parameter sets (selectable via 2 discrete inputs) for changing system rated voltage, frequency, real and reactive power, application and breaker transition modes, and control setpoints. EasYgen-3400-P2, easYgen-3500-2: the Package 2 'Enhanced I/O' models mimic the features of the easYgen-3400/3500-P1 versions (including connectivity to LS-5's) but with an expanded onboard discrete and analog I/O set rather than expansion through external I/O modules. All the above models are available with either 1-amp or 5-amp current measurement inputs.

Service Tool Version 3400 Engine

The chart below provides details on identifying the correct easYgen-3000 model and item number for your application. Specifications Power supply 12/24 Vdc (8 to 40 Vdc) Consumption max.

This tool provides service mode operations for several Canon printers of the PGI-x20/CLI-x21, PGI-x25/CLI-x26 and PGI-9 generations. Here is a list of supported printers, from the Russian download site: iP2700; iP3600; iP4600; iP4700; ip4840; ip4850; PRO9000; PRO9500; IX7000; MP240; MP250; MP260; MP270; MP280; MP480; MP490; MP540; MP550; MP560; MP620; MP630; MP640; MP980; MP990; MX320; MX330; MX860; MG5140; MG5150 I've tested the tool with a Canon MP540 and Win Vista Home Premium 32 bit. I guess It will also work with Win XP and 7 and maybe 64 bit versions of the OS's (Not tested).

Neither AVG Internet Security nor MBAM (Malwarebytes Antimalware) found any threats in the download. For download links see 'Updates' at the bottom of this post. Instructions for use: First the printer must enter service mode. No other printers should be connected to the computer. This is procedure for my MP 540, from the service manual, the procedure for your printer might be different: i. With the machine power turned off, while pressing the Stop button, press and hold the ON button. (DO NOT release the buttons).

When the Power LED lights in green, while holding the ON button, release the Stop button. (DO NOT release the ON button.) iii. While holding the ON button, press the Stop button 2 times, and then release both the ON and Stop buttons. (Each time the Stop button is pressed, the Alarm and Power LEDs light alternately, Alarm in orange and Power in green, starting with Alarm LED.) iv.

When the Power LED lights in green, the machine is ready for the service mode operation. The LCD display now shows two lines of text: 1: Service mode and 2: Idle. Before starting the service tool, make sure that both cassette and rear tray contains paper, else service mode operations might fail, as you cannot predict which paper source the printer will use. Now now run the unpacked ServiceTool_V2000.exe file. No installation necessary.

You now see this window with two tabs. Click thumbs to enlarge and I've tried only the 'Test Print' and 'EEPROM' buttons on the 'Main' tab.

You can change several settings with the program, but unless absolutely necessary don't try other operations, especially if you don't have the service manual. You might delete info or change vital settings. I've made such mistakes my self, therefore this warning. Link here: Click the 'test print' on main tab and the the text is greyed out. Now wait for the familiar style test print with extended nozzle check etc.

Entech Mcontrol Crackberry. Don't panic even if it seems to take forever. You will eventually get the printout and this pop-up window: Click the thumbs to enlarge, and click the enlarged cropped image again to expand to full size. And cropped for less JPG-compression: and the pop-up: It is seen from the cropped image, that this printer has a problem with the printhead.

You may now proceed with service mode operations. Click the 'EEPROM' button on the main tab. This produces the EEPROM info printout, you also get the option to choose paper source for this printout. This operation also takes long time to finish. Click the thumbs to enlarge: and the pop-ups and Exit service mode by turning the printer off using the printer's Power On/Off button, and close the Service tool application. Note: The service tools only work with a USB connection, so you will have to use a USB cable with a wireless printer. Also note that all versions work with 32 bit Windows but only versions 3200 and 3400 also work with 64 bit Windows.

Update1: for a download of version 3400 that works at this time of updating, October 29 2015. Older updates were removed as the links no longer work.

Click to expand.Both causes are possible, the Canon iP4940 is not on the list of supported printers and the procedure for entering service mode might be different for the iP4940. Check this site:. They offer a newer service tool v3400 for download, but not exactly cheap at 30$. But note that they write that the service tool v2000 can also be used for resetting the absorbers. They also list a different procedure for entering service mode for your printer, so maybe you can use this different procedure and service tool v2000 with success?

If you are willing to spend hours searching the web, you might be lucky and find free downloads of the service tool and service manual for your printer. Good luck with the project. EDIT: I wonder if the reference to Service tool v2000 is a typo?