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Adams Golf Tight Lies 1012 Driver Review

I am totally satisfied with my purchase. I have just completed my first six lessons of golf instructions and have devoted roughly 15 hours on the driving range.

Adams Golf Tight Lies 1012 Driver Review

The clubs have performed well (my performance was less spectacular, but fun). The best advise I received was to purchase a good starter set and resist buying top of the line equipment, which is my standard practice. The tolerance level in the starter set allows the beginner to experience success. I wanted to compare my Adams irons to a friends top of the line blades. My distance with the Adams was the same but I was much less likely to shank the ball.

Adams Tight Lies 1012 Golf Set (Right Handed, 12 Piece Set, Lightweight Shaft, Uniflex) Reviews. Adams Tight Lies 1012. The set's driver, woods, and hybrid are equipped lightweight Uniflex Supershaft graphite shafts for speed and the irons and putter are equipped with Uniflex steel shafts for accuracy. All of the clubs.

Weatherby Rifle Serial Numbers. Bag and clubs are well made, sturdy and look good. I think I will have plenty of time to grow into this set of clubs. I wanted to get a golf set that would help me get started with golf. I looked at options such as Wilson, Dunlop and Golden Bear/Jack Nickalaus. I finally decided to go with adams as this set had all the type of clubs you would need.

It also eliminates all the complexity by having the standard numbering on the golf sets. I have tried them and all the clubs/putters work well.

The bag is also well made and of good quality (with adequate pockets and space for all accompaniments) Recommended for any beginner.

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