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2.0 Changelog: General: + Switched to Creative Commons license for media assets. + Added full out-of-the-box gamepad support (XInput on Windows, SDL on Linux and OS X). + The engine automatically lowers the frame rate to 24 FPS and enables sleep state when the game is minimized. + Multi-threading improvements for the following; fixed race conditions, reduced latency and the amount of context switches. +.pk3 files explicitly named as 'pure' are now preferred to different.pk3 files. + Restricted downloads of binary modules and 'pure' content to official Warsow web mirror.

+ Greatly reduced memory footprint for fonts (especially for CJK). + Pressing Escape key during the map load or connection set-up will now cancel the process much quicker. + New high resolution 'flat' icon. + Maximum refresh rate now defaults to 250 fps.

Oct 30, 2017. Warsow is a first-person shooter (FPS) game set in a futuristic cartoon-like world, where rocketlauncher-wielding pigs and lasergun-carrying cyberpunks roam the streets. Warsow is completely free and fast-paced. Game play reminds me of Quake 3 Arena, but the weapons are not that well designed. Unique roleplaying game set in a satirical fantasy world. Free, addictive, fantasy/RPG-based idle game. A unique multiplayer FPS that delivers tension and fun.

+ It is now possible to pause demo playback at the end of a demo file, instead of dropping to main menu (see 'demo' command help). + Added 'flipped view' mode, set 'cl_flip' to '1' to enable. + Use HTTPS for secure authentication to matchmaker. Renderer: + 30% to 50% overall performance improvement. + Greatly reduced VRAM footprint for textures. + Added support for texture arrays, used for lightmaps. + Added KTX texture format support.

+ Enabled binary cache for GLSL programs to speed up startup time by default now. + Enabled multi-threading to speed up map loading by default now.

+ Curved meshes are now optimized to remove excessive polygons. + Changed rendering order so that the sky is now rendered after world geometry to minimize overdraw. + Fixed infinite far clipping plane calculations. + The renderer now queries the operating system for available screen resolutions. + Shadowmaps now account for normals of geometry they are cast on, making them less prone to be visible through walls and ceilings.

Download Warsow Free

+ Added 'stencilTest' shader keyword. + Added per map colour correction support. Toggle-able with cg_colorCorrection 0/1, maps can define colorCorrection key in worldspawn to use color correction profile. - Removed 'vid_mode', 'vid_customwidth' and 'vid_customheight' console variables in favour of 'vid_width' and 'vid_height' for video modesetting.

- Dropped support for 'noDepthTest' shader keyword. - Dropped 'r_colorbits' console variable (used to set desktop colour depth). Gameplay: + New Tutorial game mode. + Added 3 new awards: ++ First Frag (awarded to the first fragger); ++ Fair Play (say 'gg' to your opponents during the post-match using the chat or the vsay); ++ Man of the Match (You must score the most + achieve the 'Fair Play' award). + Added sounds for Lasergun, Electrobolt and Instagun impacts. + New spawn points selection algorithm: returns the furthest point to which there's less than 4 points on the map; otherwise it returns to a random one, excluding the closest 3 points. + Ammo packs dropped on a players deaths, now actually contain strong ammo.

+ The movement style now defaults to 'old movement', set 'cg_movementStyle' to '1' for 'new movement'. + Incorporated a number of movement fixes from Racesow.

+ Ranked servers will now announce a players profile name at alongside the nickname of the players entrance to the server. + On ranked servers, the 'players' command now also prints login names for authenticated players.

+ After joining a server, the game menu is now opened automatically. + On ranked servers, certain votes now require players to be authenticated. + Votes now ignore AFK players. + In round-based game modes, in-active players are not removed until the beginning of the next round. + Added bot navigation files for wda5 and wbomb6. + Player movement prediction now works properly when riding a moving platform. + New RL/GL trail effect, cg_rocketTrail & cg_grenaderTrail merged into cg_projectileTrail.

Download Warsow Free

+ Bots will now ignore chatting players. + Reduced respawn sound volume by 35%. + Added new callvote options 'shuffle' and 'rebalance'. + Decreased weapon respawn timer to 10 in Duel. + In bomb, players can now move at crouch speed during the pre-round; upped maximum running speed to 320ups.

- Removed 'Team Domination' game mode. Graphics: + New 'illuminati' gibs. + New Instagun & Electrobolt decals. + New 'simple items' sprites. + New teleportation spawn effect. + New EB beam texture for cg_ebbeam_old 1.

+ New default EB beam effect. + New Lasergun beam, added hit model for LG endpoint.

+ New bullet hit decal and model. + Improved rocket launcher projectile texture. + Added gloss textures for BigVic and Bobot player models. + Added cg_viewBob, viewport smoothing/bobbing to falling/high jumps. + Bomb model colour follows the planted state dynamic light color (red when planted, orange normally).

+ Disabling gun 'bobbing' now also disables fire and idle gun animations. + New damage hit effect (cg_showBloodTrail).

Weapons: + Reduced Rocket Launcher pick-up ammo count to 5. + Reduced Lasergun and Plasmagun pick-up ammo count to 50. + Increased Lasergun and Plasmagun ammo box count to 100. + Increased Electrobolt ammo box count to 10. + Removed custom gravity and friction from Grenade Launcher projectiles. + Unified knockback of Grenade Launcher and Rocket Launcher to 100. + Unified minimum knockback of Grenade Launcher and Rocket Launcher to 35.

+ Unified splash radius of Grenade Launcher and Rocket Launcher to 125. + Changed Gunblade full recharge and reload time to 600ms. + Changed Gunblade projectile damage, splash radius and knockback to 40, 70 and 90 respectively, self-damage ratio increased to 100%. + Increased Gunblade melee damage to 50 and decreased reload time to 600ms.

+ New Riotgun spread pattern based on Fibonacci/sunflower spirals. + Increased per-pellet knockback for Riotgun to 7 (140 on 100% hit), spread reduced.

+ Increased Rocket launcher reload, damage and projectile speed to 950ms, 80 and 1150ups respectively. + Increased Grenade launcher reload, damage and self-damage ratio to 800ms, 80 and 100% respectively.

+ Increased DPS for Lasergun to 140, knockback increased to 14. + Increased Machinegun bullet damage to 10, reload time increased to 100ms, spread removed. + Increased knock-back for Electrobolt to 80. + Increased Plasmagun speed and knockback to 2500ups and 20 respetively. Maps: + New Tutorial map. + Improved wdm6.

+ Improved wdm1 item layout. + Added colour correction profiles for wdm5, wbomb6, wbomb1. - Removed wdm3. - Removed wca2. Mapping: + 'target_print' entities can now provide overlay help messages/hints to players (use the the 'helpmessage' key in Radiant/map editor of choice). + Added support for 'target_kill' and 'target_teleporter' entities from Quake3.

+ Use 'gravity' attribute on the 'worlspawn' object to set map gravity. Localizations: + Added 9 new localizations: Belarusian, Bulgarian, Lithuanian, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), Romanian, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian.

+ Maps can now be localized individually (drop.po files into l10n/maps/). + Centre-printed messages and map locations are now localizable.

Sound: + Added 's_globalfocus' option: when enabled the game will continue to play its sound and music even if the user switches to another application. + It is now possible to use.ogv video files as background music tracks. + Fixed support for remote.ogg music tracks/streams. Pa Vei Arbeidsbok Free here. + Reduced default sound mixer delay from 200ms to 140ms (snd_qf).

+ The background music is now not interrupted at demojumps. HUD: + Added current time to the HUD in the race mode. + Added text animation for game awards. + All HUD elements are now resolution-independent. + Optimized rendering of scoreboard strings. + Scripting: it's now possible to pass a non-constant math expression to setFontSize. + New spec HUD, added adem HUD.

UI: + Added voicecomm menu for Team Deathmatch, Bomb, CTF and CTF: Tactics game modes (bound to Left Shift by default). + Revamped title screen, this incorporates a players profile and stats from + Added an option for server browser to open a dialogue with suggested game servers after the search is complete. + Added quit confirmation dialogue.

+ Added descriptions for game modes. + Added pre-load option, enabled by default (set 'ui_preload' to '0' to disable). + Added several new configurable options. + Added confirmation dialogue for 'Move to TV' command. - Removed IRC chat tab. Server: + The built-in HTTP server now runs in a separate thread.

Avid Pro Limiter Download Adobe. + Optimized file transfers from the built-in HTTP server. + Matchmaker HTTP authentication now respects sv_ip. WarsowTV: + Fixed an issue with the automatic chase-cam, which occasionally goes rampant in round-based game modes. + Enabled TCP connections support. Linux: + Switched over to SDL2 for video initialization and input. NOTE: versions prior to SDL2 suffer from doubled mouse sensitivity.

This is expected to be fixed in SDL 2.0.4. + ALT+Tab works now. + Keyboard input doesn't steal the whole system focus. + The game now respects system keyboard layout.

+ Switched over to dynamic linking for support libraries. Windows: + The window can be minimized when the game is running in windowed mode. + ALT+F4 works again. + The UI now respects system DPI settings.

+ Added support for Japanese and Korean input to the chat. SDK: + Added NetRadiant and Q3Map2 with KTX texture format support, older versions won't load the textures properly. + files and models for all stock maps.

+ Added source files for textures and models. + Switched to cmake as the unified build system for C/C++ code. + Added Dockerfiles for cross-compilation.

+ Added debian meta-package to install all engine dependencies. + Updated to AngelScript 2.29.2.